Volume 11, No 1, 2014

The Information Service Evaluation (ISE) Model

Laura Schumann and Wolfgang G. Stock

Pages: 1-18

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A metatheory integrating social, biological and technological factors in information behavior research

Leon James and Diane Nahl

Pages: 1-22

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The cataloging of virtual communities of educational thematic

Roman Korzh, Andriy Peleschyshyn, Yuriy Syerov and Solomia Fedushko

Pages: 1-16

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Content marketing through data mining on Facebook social network

Saman Forouzandeh, Heirsh Soltanpanah and Amir Sheikhahmadi

Pages: 1-11

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Webometric analysis of Iranian medical universities according to visibility, size and rich files

Roghaye Tafaroji, Iman Tahamtan, Masoud Roudbari and Shahram Sedghi

Pages: 1-19

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Non-users of Internet in the information society

Marina Viktorovna Zagidullina

Pages: 1-10

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Improvement of methodical approaches to higher schools' marketing activity assessment on the basis of Internet technologies application

Elizaveta E. Tarasova and Evgeny A. Shein

Pages: 1-10

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Google Patents: The global patent search engine

Alireza Noruzi and Mohammadhiwa Abdekhoda

Pages: 1-12

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Visual Indexing and Retrieval.

Jenny Benois-Pineau, Frédéric Precioso and Matthieu Cord,

Pages: 1-2

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