Volume 12, No 2, 2015

The impact of information and communication technologies on book challenge trends in the United States: An analysis

Ravi Narayanaswamy and Kari D. Weaver

Pages: 1-13

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Feeling alone among friends: Adolescence, social networks and loneliness

Roberta Biolcati and Diana Cani

Pages: 1-0

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Techniques for text classification: Literature review and current trends

Rajni Jindal, Ruchika Malhotra and Abha Jain

Pages: 1-28

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Methods for forming an informational image of a higher education institution

Roman Korzh, Solomia Fedushko and Andriy Peleschyshyn

Pages: 1-10

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Mapping a decade of linked data progress through co-word analysis

Massoomeh Niknia and Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri

Pages: 1-14

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Internet and Social Media Addiction

Andrea C. Nakaya

Pages: 1-3

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